February, 2009


Thursday, February 12th, 2009

That’s right the snow is melting, the igloo has collapsed, and the road up top is accessible again.

I’m applying for jobs, and there has even been some sort of response.


Hello world!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Hi all.

I’ve taken the unusual step of installing blogging software instead of doing my own thing.   There are few reasons for this.  One is that I don’t really have time to work on MY stuff, I’m looking for a job, or clients, or the Goddess forbid, both.  I’m running my “business” website at http://www.stardark.co.uk and there is a full range of services there. There is even a list of clients, but the truth is that I have not had a new client in the last two years, do not have to work on current clients sites in any meaningful way, (because they don’t need it), and have not made any money at all from this in the last three years.  What “clients” I do have are my sites, (example http://www.worksfirsttime.org.uk, the infrequently updated blog of what goes right straight out of the box), and mates sites, (example http://www.griffandceriswedding.org.uk, it is self explanatory), hosted and written free, (also a blog for the sake of spending very little time on it), because they are friends.   I have one or two clients who are also friends who effectively pay the hosting fees.  That is the basis on whcih they continue to be hosted.

I need a real job.  I spend a lot of time coding web stuff because I have to stay current and keep on top of things, or the skills are lost, so I code.  So right now, amongst maybe 10 job applications a day, I am writing a new CMS.

Why do that when there are so many out there?

Well, WordPress, (This blog), is good, in fact this verison is excellent, really.  But all these sort of things are blogs, WordPress, Joomla etc. etc.   I want something that writes a website for a client, and that looks and behave smoothly like a real application.  Thus I write another CMS.  It looks like no other CMS that I have ever seen.  More on this later.

My CV is on this website for a change.

Readers should note that I’m not very good at proof-reading my own material, and so spelling errors are my own.  Yes, I use a spell checker, but that is not 100% reliable, so bear it in mind.  Also, I rather unhelpfully leave out the word “not” every now and again.  That can make some statements I make very misleading, or possibly even embarrassing.  Yes.  Indeed.


I’m Game Mastering in the Student National Roleplaying and Wargaming Championships this year, hurrah! I don’t have to organise a team or anything, just turn up and run a great game.  No problem there, just egos from players, not enough coffe, staying up until 3am and driving back.  Fortunately, it’s only Macnhester.


I’m also snowed in.  I’m waiting for a friendly Farmer to come tow me out.

Here are some pictures from my phone.


Snow in Cwmpanner

Snow in Cwmpanner

Further Snowfields

Further Snowfields