Looks like I’m getting into Word Press Template writing right now.

I like simple elegant websites, for myself anyhow, and I am never satisfield with website design.  I have banged on about this before.  It’s never easy getting to a new schema, but Word Press is the simplest and most elegant design I have come across in a while.

Music: Quantic Soul Orchestra – As usual I don’t listen to music with lyrics while working.  Lyrics distract, and while no music is wall paper, yes I really can listen critically while working, I can place it in the “No Interpretation” place in my head.

In the meantime, I design another simple, timeless piece for Works First Time.  Then I shall blog there.

The advantage of getting into this right now is that one, I shall not lose another job because my websites are not up to date, unmaintained and unwritten, and I shall have another string to my bow.  I shall probably not approach gurudom in this area, but I shall certainly be an expert.  This is what we must do as programmers.  It is part of the knowledge crash which we shall soon all suffer from.  Yeah I know, I walked into a preposition there.

Point is that I spend more than 50% of my time learning.  Maybe I need a simpler job.

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