Armistice Day

Irrespective of your views and attitudes towards war, today is Armistice Day.

We should not forget those that have lost their lives, their health and sometimes their humanity in the cause…

…and while we’re here, let us remember that every life is precious, and those on the “wrong” side have families and loved ones.

I met a soldier once and he told me this…

“Every time I pull the trigger with someone in my sights, I push away my conscience and my soul, or I could not do my job, even if someone is trying at that second to kill me, because otherwise I remember that these people are desperate and angry. ¬†We’re sent often ‘to keep the peace’, but I don’t want to die, and sometimes it’s him or me. ¬†Sometimes I have to not care, it’s a pall on my soul.”

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