Invisible things

I got run over when I was 19.  Well, not run over, run into.  It wasn’t the drivers fault, poor bugger; he was really upset from what I remember, I didn’t see his face muchly, because I kept my eyes shut in case my legs were broken.  They were not, I am very strong.

So what happened?  Heck I ran out into the road, partly because I didn’t hear the car and partly because it was a cloudy day, the road was grey, the car was silver, and my eyes “passed over” it in amongst all the others cars.

I have often been surprised by silver cars, the favoured colour in years past of the corporate buyer; and I have developed the following hypothesis.  Silver cars are basically invisible.  They take a lot of looking at when on the road, in fact I often comment to my partner that there is another invisible car on the road, with just wheels, and engine, seats and other bits, but definitely no body.  I make up stories about what I can see them doing in the car, which the children will buy if they’re plausible…

Look at that guy, he’s got a bag of crisps in the door!

How do you know?

Invisible car, I can see through it!

No you can’t, we can’t.

You’re too short, you can barely see out the window.

You get the idea.

Pity then that other things have become invisible as I have gotten older, which means that I often cannot find them when planning my shopping list; such as loo roll…

My partner feels that this begs certain questions, but for the sake of dignity I shall end this here.

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