Music while you work.  Yes it is important,  I ususally have a big pair of cans on, partially because this means that I don’t have to put up with in-ear headphones, which are invariably uncomfortable, and partially because this is a sure sign that I’m working.

What to listen to?

I tend to favour either  deep beats, very regular and rythmic, or no beats at all, and definitely vocals are to be avoided, though that is harder with variety.

So although I’m an avid Radio 4 listener when not working, I’m into trance and dance and no beats.  I’m talking here here about things like Camille Jones, “The Creeps” (Here mixed by Fedde Le Grand, alright for jollies if you’re into that sort of thing, and wildy popular at the time. Sex sells, what can I say?)

It is in fact a commentary on office politics, and you can see how I might really hate that stuff.  Empowerment, truth and beauty in actions are what count.

Given this, when it came out, I looked for the original version.  Creative.  Here it is.

Propellerheads.  Yeah I know, Spybreak, Matrix, blah, blah.  No.  I came to it through “Velvet Pants” from an internet Radio Station.  Got the Album “Decksanddrumsandrockandroll.”  Get it.  Really.

Aphex Twin, they can be weird, no You Tube for you.  Good beats though.   Mr Scruff: Brilliant mixes, though I cannot listen to the Whale Song and work, too engaging, kids love it.  Fantastic Website.  Really. Quantic Soul Orchestra and Fila Brazilia.  Both wonderful alternatives to the munge spewed out on say, Radio 1.  What trash kids do listen to today.  (Ahem!  Parent alert!)  Actually, my kids are eclectic and investigative, I may speak about this in the future.  Also my eldest is a Bass Player, through pure simple interest, and a great artist already.  The boy is a genius.

Non English language is great, especially Salsa because I can’t understand a word, and in any event, it’s great great art.

Non-beats.  Jean-Michel Jarre and the Cryosleep stream from typify this trend.  BlueMars, you can’t live without it.  JMJ can be complicated and require processing, so I tend to avoid it if I really have to concentrate.  I’ve been listening to his music for 30 years though and it never gets old.

For coding though, there is always blessed silence.  I have run out of time to blog about this further right now, but you can be sure I will return the this subejct in the future.

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