This will probably be short.  Or not, I don’t know.

I have decided, while writing Snow, that Sociologists, and by this I mean social workers and the like, are the ultimate experiential experimenters.

They look, like any scientist, for causes.

This idea, this search for causes infects us like the greatest of memes.  It enters our daily life, this seeking for causes, it drives our justice system, at least, in the UK, (not presuming to speak for other places I don’t have experience of…), drives our social policy, our policing, our television, (think Discovery Channel), but not unfortunately our politicians, (see, can you say “pillocks”?)

Anyway, I’m not ranting about that now, I wanted to reflect that while writing Snow I constantly return to causes.  I’m driven to it even while the writing is driven by the stream of consciousness kind of outpouring that gives my creativity a space to play in, and some of the more bizarre parts a space to get out.

It’s hard to open that channel.

But even when that outpouring happens, I find myself looking for causes, and when I look, and in my head I am looking around a vista of the world that I am reporting, muchly, and sometimes that world is a memory of the past, (the character’s past, I’m trying to cut down on the hideous revenge shooting and subsequent torture these days, because it sets a bad example for the boys, and I don’t their mother rolling their eyes in exasperation, so no, I pass on that.  Even for some interface designers, though in my darker moments wresting with some new program….  )

Moving on.

I look for causes, and I think and increasing number of us look for causes, because we have become social scientists, chemists, physicists, biologists, and practically anything in fact, with an “ology” in it, even on occasion, oologists; studiers of eggs.  Particularly when associated with the study of Pigs, or Baconology.

Point is, I remember what my character remembers, which is a particularly difficult thing to do, because I “see” what I am writing, and “live” memories of characters I write in the first person, and sometimes I get these flashbacks because I am seeking the causes.

We have all been made scientists, to some degree.

What we could do with, is the mathematical language with which to express it.  For sociologists, that doesn’t always exist, yet.

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