Just to say that you should look at the map at Star Map which takes you to sector (10,10). The map is NOT TO BE RELIED UPON, as the algorithm WILL change before I do a full release. This is just is how that I’m doodling around with it and not just talking about it.

It may interest you to know that there is no database now. The whole of the map is generated using reproducible pseudo-random seeded sequences, to be specific, a Perlin Noise generator. Since there is much calculation involved, the final thing will take some processing time. This is an issue on a shared server, so much of my time is spent optimising the calculation sequences, for example, division is a sin; it has to go.

So anyway, there it is. The map shows blue dwarfs to red giants. The whole thing a is a probability field based on an image generated from a photo of a galaxy, chopped up in to 8×8 hex sectors, that look taller than they are wide because the hexes interlock.

Roleplayers often use hexes because they interlock and are better than square because they avoid the √2 problem, (A unit square has diagonal √2 which messes up quick and dirty distance calculations).

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